How many Beds?

How many Beds?

After being able to demonstrate and measure the effect of exit block on an ED, the next logical step was to apply the same level of detailed analytics to the flow of patients through inpatient beds. The trust asked the question “How many beds do we need?” A very simple question but an answer that required developing a whole new language and understanding of how long patients stay, why the stay longer and the operation challenges involved. It’s not all about DTOC and its not all about human factors/discipline. With a new set of tools to measure and understand the inpatient cohort we built a bed modelling simulation that would predict the number of beds required but much more importantly the cause and effect of the current project plans. The "what if" analysis extended to “what if we had an extra ambulance a day?”, “what if we improved ambulatory care?”. This methodology of understanding the inpatient population was used to support the Yorkshire and Humber Academic Health Science Network Patient flow Hacks.


23 January 2015