Emergency Departments

Emergency Departments

From the first 6S workplace organisation project in 2007 through to using current cutting edge data analytics, Innovative Improvement has been at the forefront of understanding the operational dynamics of ED. Using statistical modelling to understand and measure variation thus allowing departments to plan for everything from staffing to the number of power outlets. We have developed a series of 70+ operational flow measures that in isolation or together explain the harmonics of patient flow in every stream. This includes arrival method, triage route, internal workstreams such as majors/minors/Ambulatory/Paeds etc and finally discharge route. Working with multiple departments we have been involved in department redesigns, ED software development, pathway redesign, operational management, introduction of safety huddles, new documentation, new IT systems, operational handovers and staff issues. We have developed an understanding of consultant cognitive load, and best practice internal hospital systems. In 2016 we supported the West Yorkshire Academic Health Science Network patient flow Hacks by providing detailed analytics of patient flow and inpatient bed requirements across multiple Hospitals. This involved line by line analysis of over 1M A&E patients and 4M inpatient episodes.


22 January 2015