Capacity and Demand

Capacity and Demand

In conjunction with our partner SBK Healthcare we have run over 40 Capacity and demand workshops teaching Staff Capacity and Demand and sharing best practice. The attendees are service managers/directors/Senior nurses and consultants. They are consistently rated at 4.8+ out of 5


There has been over 500 attendees and many of the services are entering their 4th year. They learn about operational management and as a group they share best practice and challenges. Topics include- Emergency Department, Cardiology, Radiology, Endoscopy, Renal, Outpatients, Critical Care, Transport, Waiting list management, Ophthalmology and Pharmacy etc.


All the examples shown in the training courses are based on real world projects and real data sets from projects undertaken by Innovative Improvement. This brings the training to life and makes it relevant.




22 January 2015