Innovative Improvement is one of the most experienced Lean Healthcare practitioners in the UK. Our broad experience has been carefully and continually distilled into all our training programs. Whether you are just starting out, have completed some projects or are an experienced practitioner we have a suitable training program for you. We typically run open programs or tailor them to the needs of the organisations. This is often to support initiatives such as EPR launches, going mobile in the community or in response to specific issues. With some experience of the basics (6S, SOPs, visual management) staff often struggle to find high quality training and coaching to master the next steps. It's easy to tidy cupboards and produce RAG sheets, they can be important. It's how to create a sustainable culture of continuous improvement is a little harder. Along with the people skills and the culture change there is advanced analytics techniques that are required to make an organisation data driven. High quality actionable information is the Trojan horse to improve quality and safety. Doing it well drives the culture, doing it badly will destroy the culture. Our training programs are designed to teach practical hands on skills not just dogma.


22 November 2016