Research Approval

Research Approval

Clinical research is complex and the mechanism for approval in trusts includes the clinical, financial and ethical considerations. In fact the full list of stakeholders for most projects can include Finance, Pharmacy, Supplies, Information Governance, Human Resources, Pathology, Medical Physics and senior management. Added to this, each organisation or group of organisations (clusters) have different skills, experience, internal process and approach to risk. This meant that the time to approve a piece of research was extending and the quality of service to applicants (internal and commercial) was variable. Initially each cluster in West Yorkshire Comprehensive Local Research Network was mapped and each organisation shared strengths and weaknesses to create a common approach to approval. This work was then repeated and built upon in the North East CLRN meaning over 12 organisations' best practice, systems and approach to risk was compared. The review also included the provision of a project tracker which included department specific actions, overall progress, individual project status sheets, overall approval process and for one trust, the addition of a patient recruitment and retention tracker.


22 November 2016