100,000 Genome Process

100,000 Genome Process

Supporting the 100,000  Genome project. A project for the North Thames Genetics Medicine Centre (NTGMC) based at Great Ormond Street hospital (GOSH). The NTGMC is one of 13 regional GMC's. They were set up to supply processed blood and/or tissue samples to Genomics England (GEL) for sequencing along with all the patient and family data. In order to satisfy the need for 100,000 genomes, the patients needed to be recruited, consented and suitable samples needed to be taken and processed. Unusually this was a blank piece of paper exercise with no existing process to redesign. At first it looked straightforward-> recruit patient, take sample, send to GEL. The actual process is much more complex. Bringing all this detail out at the design phase meant the NTGMC was first to collect samples and the largest provider of samples in the first year of the project (4000/13000 overall). This mapping was then repeated with the 7 local North London hospitals who supplied samples and data to GOSH as their local GMC. Each process is unique to the individual hospital due to the facilities and expertise available on each site. Lean more about the NTGMC HERE and the 100,000 genome project HERE


22 January 2015